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HCB Battery was awarded 2019 Wuhan Top 100 Enterprise


On August 29, 2019, Wuhan Enterprise Confederation, Wuhan Entrepreneur Association, Wuhan Radio and Television Station, Changjiang Daily Newspaper Group and Wuhan Development Strategy Research Institute jointly released 2019 Wuhan Top 100 Enterprises (Comprehensive Enterprises),Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises (manufacturing industry), and Top 100 service industry (service industry) ranked list. HCB Battery Co., Ltd. listed on the list of 2019 Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises.



Despite the unfavorable conditions such as increased downward pressure on the manufacturing industry, increasingly fierce market competition, and intensified trade war between China and the United States, HCB Battery has always adhered to the attitude of working hard and never yield to the frustration and combat, and has increased its R&D investment, improve service quality. The corporate competitiveness continues to increase, based in China, serving the global market, HCB Battery still maintained a good performance growth rate, the overseas market share has steadily increased.

Other top 100 manufacturing enterprises and HCB battery will further play a leading role in manufacturing industry, and strive to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Hubei province and even the whole country, provide strong support for the rapid development of regional economy, and drive core technologies with innovation to promote the entity economy.

About-2019 Wuhan Top 100 Enterprises List

The top 100 enterprises in Wuhan are the leading enterprises in the city and are outstanding representatives of various industries in Wuhan. The trend of change reflects the trend of the city's economic development to some extent. In accordance with internationally accepted practices and the principle of voluntary enterprise declaration, according to the 2018 annual operating income of the declared enterprise, the comprehensive 2019 Wuhan Top 100 List (Comprehensive Top 100) covering all kinds of ownership and industry, and the top 100 Wuhan manufacturing enterprises List (Top 100 Manufacturing) and Wuhan Top 100 service industry (service industry) ranked list.


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